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Flasher here....

No windows, no lamps, dark dingy grey morning.....would you know it??

This is my first post-wendy flasher course photo....!!!

Starring the very talented Finton. ;))

Wendys Workshop!

What a wonderful weekend I had!! I attended a Flash Workshop in Phoenix and I am stuffed as full as I can be with information that will make me a wicked flasher!! I meet some awesome ladies in the process, please check out the photos of us all on Wendy's photo of the day blog HERE We had so much fun!!

My hotel room roomate and now good friend Kristyn and I had sore tummy's from laughing so hard, keeping each other up till the wee hours of the morning speaking in funny accents, craving crispy hot dogs, wearing helmets, knowing that at 940 when class started we would be super tired. A quick trip to Sonic in the AM to get a gallon and a half of Coke did the trick...too bad we couldn't get any deep fat fried pickles (Heather's favorite treat, maybe next time!?!

Check out Wendy's class info HERE. She is an amazing teacher whom all of us admire and respect.....the wait list is long, but trust me, it is worth it!!

Here is a shot of Kristyn that I took during Flash practice:

And....one she took of me! I know...you don't see this face on here very often!!

Pheonix Arizona BABY!!

In Pheonix I rode a cactus.....a really really really big cactus......my wonderful friend
captured it for me here:

Had D Dog around today!!

I just love having him here....he is so sweet and he LOVES Finton! A really genuine kid. D.

A fun fall shoot today.

Even though both parents were super sick they were such troopers!! The weather isn't going to be like this for long so we had to take full advantage. Here is one of my favorites from the day....

Textures and Boarders

First play with Textures!!

This was a sign

Just now sitting here I saw out of the corner of my eye this big black thing come flying straight at the house. I figured it must have landed on the roof, I had to go look to see if I was loosing my mind. It was a huge Crane...WHAT?!? Poor guy, how did he end up here. I ran to get my camera but when I got back outside I had spooked him so I only caught him in flight. I hope he is ok and finds his way home.

Playing With Actions.....